About Us

The humanitarian crisis in Somalia demands we take action and be creative.
I AM A STAR is a grassroots movement to help people in Somalia who have suffered two decades of conflict - and most recentlysurvive the food crisis and drought and rebuild their lives. It's rooted in the Somali diaspora communities’ leadership and passion for change, and it makes room for the solidarity and creativity of motivated people everywhere.

The I AM A STAR online store is all about making sure people have the tools to help people who are suffering...and look good doing it!
Together, we’re providing relief in Somalia, and shining a light on a culture of poets, artists, mothers and fathers, children, innovators, farmers, businesspeople…human beings.
When we take action and use our creativity to help others, each one of us is a star!
For questions about ordering, shipping, etc., visit our Customer Care page.